Stories are incredibly powerful, they give us hope when the road gets rocky and add to our delight in good times. I want to thank all my readers and am extremely humbled and grateful for you all to let me do what I love the most, to tell stories.

About Me

Even as a young child, I would conjure up stories with my imagination, sharing them with anyone who would listen. I’ve developed my storytelling and writing quite a bit since then, but the thrill of language and creation I first discovered as a child has never gone away.

My Vision

I believe words can change lives by influencing the lens with which you see the world, your perspective.

I believe in telling stories each one of us can relate to, a little at least.

I believe in crafting characters who are ordinary but still have an extraordinary element, the ones like you and me.

Do check out my new story!!

Stay tuned for more.

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